Harshly real, vexatiously honest, and brutally confrontational, the work leans towards a feminist commentary on sexual liberation and the power of female identity.

An angry woman remains a political act, and is sometimes a creative one as well. Rage, here, is transcended into art

Stoya, Pornographer and author of Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn

In Baptism by fire, Amy-Jean Muller manages to capture some of life’s cruelest and most beautiful emotions in a way that makes you understand they can be one and the same. Muller invites the reader completely and fearlessly into a narrative at times overwhelming them with how she weaves some of life’s most difficult lessons throughout her pieces. In a great work of spirit and verse, Baptism by fire is steely, unforgettable, and full of small treasures. There is so much to love and mourn within the narrative and so many other gut wrenching feelings brewing inside it. Muller’s voice in each piece is so honest, raw, alive, and, at times so beautifully dark, it can sometimes hurt to read.

Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Publisher, ELJ Editions, Ltd.

This is a bold, brave and often unsettling and utterly devastating collection that deserves to be read by everyone and anyone who has a fire burning in their bellies.

HLR Treacle Heart

Authentic, powerful, and paralyzing, the poems of Baptism by Fire are not your G-rated Disney tribute poems you may find on the back of Cracker Jack boxes.

Tia Ja’nae for Econoclash

Short collections almost demand a concise synopsis, and Muller’s work screams courage. Her poems use vivid imagery to bring thoughts to life or to reshape the past to give it new meaning.

Gabino Iglesias

It was great to speak to Amy-Jean to learn more about her work, her thoughts on the feminism of today, mainstream pornography, porn for women, and the power of rage.

Erika Lust