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She is currently completing a novel and collecting of short stories and works on regular columns and contributions in indie publications. Based in London, her writing has been published worldwide with her art exhibited both in London and South Africa.

Cinnabar Moth Literary Collections

Since the dawn of human communities, desire has
driven the ways by which people relate to one another.
More specifically, male desire has …

Emerge Literary Journal Featured Writer

Ariana: You are an Emerge Literary Journal favorite,
submitting work that hinges on mental illness themes.
You’ve been published in three prior issues …

Pretty Progressive, "Best feminist horror books to read" 2021

This article showcases our top picks for the Best
Feminist Horror Books To Read. We reached out
to industry leaders and experts who have…

Lust Loves, Erika Lust Interview 2021

Lust Loves is a Lust Zine interview series with
someone doing work that we at Erika Lust Films
admire. In this edition I speak to Amy-Jean Muller….

Pank Magazine Baptism by Fire review 2021

Short collections almost demand a concise synopsis,
and Muller’s work screams courage. Her poems use
vivid imagery to bring thoughts to life…

Econoclast Baptism by Fire review 2021

As the title implies, the protagonist of the book is
doused in flames finding her place in the world with
zero problems making the reader feel the burn …

Close to the Bone Interview 2021

BFJ: Did you always write poetry?
If not, what made you turn to it?

AJM: I’ve always been interested in writing as a whole
and poetry always featured as a part of my …

Treacleheart Baptism by Fire review 2021

Baptism by Fire is a tour de force, a triumph, one of the
most powerful and provocative chapbooks I’ve ever